Malioboro: Romantic and Memorable Place


Malioboro (derived from Sanskrit word meaning “wreath” and “flower charm”) is a famous tourist attraction in Yogyakarta. Not only full of stories and memories, it also serves as center of souvenirs located at the heart of Yogyakarta city.

In the old days during palace events, along 1 km of Malioboro street would be full of wreath. As time passes by, function of Malioboro main street as the venue for a variety of carnivals and celebrations has never changed. Until now, Vredeburg, Malioboro, and Zero Point still become favorite places to hold a variety of carnivals such as Malioboro Carnival, Yogyakarta Arts Festival, Jogja Java Carnival, Chinese Culture Week, and many others.

Malioboro souvenir vendors sell desired range of goods, from beautiful knick knacks, classic batik, unique souvenirs, gems and gold to household appliances. For fans of souvenirs, Malioboro is an exciting hunting spot. Walking along the shoulder of the road while bargaining miscellaneous goods sold by street vendors will be a special experience. Various locally made souvenirs like silver, batik, rattan ornaments, bamboo handicrafts, leather puppets, accessories, miniature of traditional vehicles, or key chains can be found easily. If you are good at bargaining, you can get these items at fairly cheap price.

Besides being a trade center, this street which is part of the virtual axis that connects Parangtritis, Stage Krapyak, Sultan’s Palace, Jogja Monument, and Mount Merapi,was once home and performance stage of Umbu Landu Paranggi, the performance king of Malioboro. They also introduced the culture of sitting cross-legged on the sidewalk that was originated at and is identical to Malioboro. You can enjoy a relaxing dinner at the lesehan stall. Lesehan actually means relax sitting on the floor or ground. Street artist singing the legendary song “Yogyakarta” will make your dinner even more romantic and memorable.