Wedi Ombo Beach

Photo via soga soegiarto

Wediombo beach is administratively included in the village area of Jepitu, District Girisubo, Gunung Kidul. This is one of many beautiful beaches in the east end area of Yogyakarta Special Region. The access to this beach is easy, especially after visiting Siung Beach.

Wediombo beach has a lower contour than the surrounding land. We need to walk down the stairs as we reach the complex of Wediombo. The steep and precipitous hills become an arena for the fishers to feel the pleasure of fishing on the hill. This place also becomes the destination of fishing enthusiasts that come from outside the area.

Like most coastal residents, residents around Wediombo Beach also perform cultural ceremony which is often called Ngalangi, once a year. The ceremony is similar to the Great Labuan in Yogyakarta, which sole purpose is to express gratitude to God for the gift bestowed, and ask for better fortune in the future. Ngalangi, which means “blocking” is a procession of fishing by using gawar (made ​​from wawar tree roots) as nets that is laid on the hill of Kedungwok and dragged to the sea together by the local people.

After the water ebbs, the fish are taken. Residents then busy cleaning and cooking those fish caught. Some fish are released back into the ocean with rice and offerings. Most of the remaining fish is divided according to the amount of locals and delivered to the homes of residents. The event of delivering the fish to the homes is often called big kendurian, a form of local wisdom that all fish is shared for good fortune.

To be able to enter the area of Wediombo Beach, tourists must pay an admission of IDR 10,000.00 (as per December 2018). Although this place is still rarely visited by tourists because of its remote location, the existing facilities at Wediombo beach are quite adequate. There are stalls selling food and drinks as well as marine products. Mosque and public bathroom can also be found in Wediombo Beach neighborhood. Tourists who want to stay can take advantage of the car park which is situated on top of a hill to set up a tent, or just do camping around fishermen homes.